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Recessed luminaires for mounting into ceiling grids and plasterboards. Body made of steel sheet finished with powder coat RAL 9003.

Type of luminaire:
VAC Sport polished V-shaped aluminium louvre with dull aluminium sheet cross blades with tree pattern and polycarbonate cover in aluminium frame.

Standard version is for modul 600×600, luminaires for modul 625×625 and into plasterboards is necessary to specify in order.


Type Wattage Light sourceABCkgLDT
VM 228 VAC SPORT 2x28 WT52971195906,01
VM 235 VAC SPORT 2x35 WT52971495906,52
VM 236 VAC SPORT 2x36 WT82951195906,03
VM 249 VAC SPORT 2x49 WT52971495906,54
VM 254 VAC SPORT 2x54 WT52971195906,05
VM 258 VAC SPORT 2x58 WT82951495906,56
VM 280 VAC SPORT 2x80 WT52971495906,57
VM 328 VAC SPORT 3x28 WT55951195906,58
VM 335 VAC SPORT 3x35 WT55951495907,09
VM 336 VAC SPORT 3x36 WT85951195906,510
VM 349 VAC SPORT 3x49 WT55951495907,011
VM 354 VAC SPORT 3x54 WT55951195906,512
VM 358 VAC SPORT 3x58 WT85951495907,013
VM 380 VAC SPORT 3x80 WT55951495907,014
VM 414 VAC SPORT 4x14 WT55955958015
VM 418 VAC SPORT 4x18 WT85955958016
VM 424 VAC SPORT 4x24 WT55955958017
VM 428 VAC SPORT 4x28 WT55951195906,518
VM 435 VAC SPORT 4x35 WT55951495907,019
VM 436 VAC SPORT 4x36 WT85951195906,520
VM 449 VAC SPORT 4x49 WT55951495907,021
VM 454 VAC SPORT 4x54 WT55951195906,522
VM 458 VAC SPORT 4x58 WT85951495907,023
VM 480 VAC SPORT 4x80 WT55951495907,024