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High-pressure die-cast aluminium alloy body equipped with electrical part, optical part is composed of polished aluminium reflector and flat glass diffuser. Bracket for pole or outrigger mounting.

 Datasheet LDT data

Type Wattage Light sourceABCDkgLDT
VM 150 VD 150 WHI6822801181507,0 1
VM 150 VD VENTRONIC 150 W + VENTRONIC WHS6822801181507,02
VM 50 VD 50 WHI, HS6822801181506,8 3
VM 70 VD 70 WHI, HS6822801181506,8 4
VM 70 VD VENTRONIC 70 W + VENTRONIC WHI, HS6822801181506,85